Here you’ll find minutes from our recent meetings.

February 24th, 2014


Location: Washington, DC


  • Call to Order
  • Roll Call
  • Approval / Addition to the Agenda
  • Approval of Minutes of the Billings Montana Board Meeting

Committee Reports

  • Treasurer
  • Finance
  • Membership
  • Medical Director’s Report
  • Governmental Affairs
  • UMWA Report
  • National Black Lung Association

New Business

  • Strategic Plan
  • Hill Visits
  • Video Project
  • FY 14 Funding Opportunity Announcement for Black Lung Clinic Grant and Black Lung Centers of Excellence
  • HRSA, DOL, and MSHA Visits
  • Policies

September 16th, 2013


Location: Billings, Montana

The meeting was called to order at 1:23pm by Lynda Glagola, President. Roll call was taken of members present and a quorum was established.

Ron Carson gave a brief history of the Coalition over the last 29 years. Next Year will be the 30 year anniversary.

Strategic Plan
The strategic plan for 2013-2018 was reviewed. Discussion on Strategic plan by members included

  • Plans for our website and the new information that will be added including a members only section for paying board members
  • Video that will be produced that can be used to educate on Black Lung
  • Quality Improvement and Quality indicators-we will remind everyone that Nancy Cook is collecting data to be put into a report. These need to be turned in quarterly. The dates will be 1st week in January, April, July and October. Some clinics are having trouble extracting data from there EMR, we will look at the possibility of establishing a V code.
  • Orientation packets will be put together by the Membership Committee. Missy Grimm will chair the membership committee with Vickie Huber and Debbie Wills serve
  • Video production – Ron Carson informed the Board that Joe Wolfe has offered to produce the video about Black Lung and Miners. Each clinic needs to contact Ron Carson if they have a miner or miner family member who they would like to be on the video
  • Public Service Committee was formed. Mr. Ron Carson will chair with Susie Criss, Anthony Warlick and Linda Naylor serving
  • Best Practices – Dr. Cohen is still willing to work on the best practices standards. Debbie Wills will lead this. The deadline will be our Washington DC meeting
  • Membership committee will work on ways that the coalition can be more welcoming to new members.
  • After discussion, a motion was made by Ron Carson to accept the Strategic Plan as presented motion seconded by Dennis. After voice vote motion passes

After review of the Bylaws a motion was made to accept as amended by Ron Carson seconded by Linda Naylor. After voice vote motion passes.

Minutes from June 5th, 2013. After review of the minutes from the previous meeting a motion was made by Susie Criss with a second from Debbie Johnson. After voice vote motion passes.

Treasure Report-David Haden reviewed financials with the Board. After review a motion was made by Linda Naylor to accept as present motion was seconded by Susie Criss, after a voice vote motion passes. A finance committee was which will consist of Shelly Rigsby, Anthony Warlick and Susie Criss .

An ad hoc committee for policies was created which will consist of Theresa Dabney as chair Stacy Redinger, Anthony Warlick, and Shelly Rigsby.

Membership Committee chaired by Missy Grimm. She is working on getting the membership information up to date and getting out certificates of membership. Vickie Huber will chair committee and Missy Grimm will continue to serve along with Debbie Wills.

Newsletter committee was formed with Missy Grimm as chair, Kandace Evans and David Haden will serve.

NOWCAP signed up the most individual members for this last year. Congratulations to NOWCAP

Medical Director Report-Dr. Cohen along with Dr. Rose, Dr. Green, and Dr. Petsonk are working on their publication. He is very excited about working on the next conference.

Review of the House Bill 1416 and 2918. Discussion on Hill visits coming up we will look at February 24-28th for the Hill Visits because of the accommodation prices. We will invite HRSA to sit down with us at some point when we are in DC.

UMWA Report-Debbie Wills gave an update on UMWA and the patriot situation.

National Black Lung Association-Susie Criss gave an update stating that they are planning there national conference. MSHA is doing a presentation

Motion was made by Anthony Warlick to accept all committee report, second by David Haden voice vote was taken. Motion passes.

Conference 2014
Presentations were given by Deb Wills and Lynda Glagola for the 2014 National Conference. Deb wills presented Morgan Town and Lynda Glagola presented Pittsburgh as the conference location. After discussion on the logistics of the two conference locations a voice vote was taken. The vote was 14 for Pittsburgh and 4 for Morgan town. The conference will be September 10, 11 and 12 in Pittsburgh PA.

The 2015 conference bids will be done at the DC board meeting. A motion was made by Ron Carson with a second by Linda Naylor to present bids at the DC board meeting. Voice vote was taken. Motion passes.

Election of Officers for 2013-2014
All nominations stand. With no other nominations made from the floor. It was elected that all nominated candidates would be placed in the positions as follows:
Chair – Lynda Glagola
Vice Chair – Stacy Redinger
Secretary – Kandace Evans
Treasure – David Haden

With no other business motion to adjourn the meeting by Anthony Warlick second by Shelly Rigsby voice vote was taken and motion passes.

Meeting adjourned at 6:35pm